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A Day in the Life

Tuesday of this week a group of RPS 205 students experienced a day in the life of a UTC Aerospace Systems employee. Alignment Rockford's Pathways team lauched a job shadow pilot program for students with the help of RPS teachers. Last week teachers went on a similar job shadow experience to shape the day for students.

Students were paired with a UTC mentor that correlated to their Academy Pathway. Students then had the opportunity to implement the "you do, we do, I do" model of work based learning.

At the end of the day, students filled out a survey on their answers, which speak for themselves! Here are some of their comments:

  1. Did you enjoy your shadow experience today? (All students said yes.)
  • It taught me a lot of things that’ll help me this year
  • The tour guide was awesome and I got to learn a lot and this make me more certain about working here.
  • The info was valuable, the food was okay, and some of the jobs were really interesting to see and talk about (especially the export and sanctions division).
  • It was very interesting to actually go into the engineering environment and experience it first-hand.
  • It taught me about the job.
  • It was very informative and interesting and gave me an accurate perception of what goes into working at UTC Aerospace.
  • I did because our guides were relaxed and easy to talk to.
  • I learned a lot about what it could be like if I went into engineering, especially in this field.
  • I thought it was really cool seeing the processes the generators go through.  Also, the materials lab was awesome.
  • I learned things I wouldn’t learn at school.  I experienced how a day in their job was.
  • It was very interesting and informative and fun.
  • It was cool to experience the life of engineers.
  • I learned a lot of new information.
  • We got to see exactly how many jobs are involved in one project.
  • I learned a lot about what to do and how to do it when I am older.


  1. Do you feel you know more about a career in your pathway as a result of this job shadow?
  • I feel like there’s more opportunity than I’ve anticipated and that’s really going to help me be encouraged to pursue different paths.
  • I was exposed to some things I know but a lot of things I didn’t.
  • It opened my mind to more ideas and I will most likely explore other career options that are similar to these.
  • Although it was more centered on specific parts made here.
  • There are things you don’t get taught in high school that you wouldn’t know unless you started working.
  • They made me feel better about what I am doing.


  1. Do you feel you understand what a ‘normal’ day for your mentor is like?
  • They are very busy individuals.
  • My mentor explained what he does and the procedures as well.
  • I feel I understand more than what I originally thought.
  • They explained everything clearly.
  • I liked how the mentor explained the whole business.


  1. Did you learn what you need to do to prepare for a career in the field you saw today?
  • They educated me a lot on getting prepared for my career.
  • I was given advice on the steps to take toward my career.
  • They told us what they did to get to the place they are today.
  • I am going to keep working hard towards my future.


  1. Did this experience reaffirm or change your mind about choosing this career?
  • It didn’t change my mind, it made my pathway stronger.
  • I thought it might be harder but it’s actually laid back and relaxing and productive.
  • I am still not convinced. I’d have to see what my preferences and paths are in the future.
  • I still don’t know but I am interested in this process.
  • It’s always what I wanted to do and this showed me more about it.
  • This experience helped to reaffirm my mind about choosing my future career, while at the same time it helped me to open my eyes to new exciting careers.
  • It definitely interested me more about choosing this career.  The reason being is they explained concepts behind what they do and why they did it.
  • It seems pretty much how I imagined, so not much has changed.
  • It made my choice stronger by make me like it more.
  • It gave me more insight into the job.
  • I’m not set on being a mechanical engineer.
  • He explained to me about different careers.
  • It gave me a lot of insight on the career.
  • I know for sure that do not want to work at a desk job.


  1. Were you adequately prepared for today’s experience?
  • It was better than I imagined.
  • Learn more about excel.
  • Something that would have helped me prepare for this experience more would’ve have been being exposed more to the information provided on the trip weeks before hand so I could more easily understand what was being said.
  • I need a physics class.
  • Learn more about what’s going to happen and pathways.


  1. Would you recommend this experience to your friends next year? (All students said yes)
  • They would learn many different things
  • To one who knows this is what they would like to do.
  • They will learn more on what they want.


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