2016 - 2017 Capstone Consultant Opportunity

Invitation To Participate


Alignment Rockford's Career Awareness team is seeking volunteers to support Rockford Public Schools seniors enrolled in English 12 Capstone. 

Volunteers are needed for the following:

  • Serve as consultants, working with a student throughout the 2016-17 school year
  • Host a one-time workshop on one of the following topics:
    • Communication etiquette
    • Professionalism 
    • Collaboration and team work
    • Project management
    • How to give a dynamic presentation
    • Other relevant topics

These consultants could provide workshops at key points throughout the year coinciding with the students' Capstone project timeline, or they could provide ongoing classroom support in collaboration with the Capstone teacher to determine a schedule of commitment to work with students in small groups. 

Organizations are also being sought to co-operate the Capstone Consultant pilot program. Interested organizations will begin working with the Alignment Rockford Career Awareness team throughout the 2016-2017 pilot year.