Project Overview:

Description: The capstone project is an opportunity for students to identify a personal academic/professional topic for which they perceive a need for continued research and development. An optional course, English 12 Seminar, allows seniors to participate in a capstone project while earning the necessary English credits required for graduation.

Project Examples: Design hydraulic lifts for the stage set of a theater production, create a proposal for water taxi services in downtown Rockford, write a novel, organize a blood drive, or develop a public space art installation.

A capstone project provides staff and the community of RPS 205 a vehicle to enhance and assess students’ 21st Century skills, in particular creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.   The course will provide a deep research and writing experience in an academic or career interest and promote student completion of their College and Career Readiness Benchmarks, in particular the capstone project.  This course will represent the highest level of scholarship that melds academics and college and career readiness.  Working on a capstone project requires students to explore an area of interest and conduct authentic research, better preparing them for college and career pursuits which follow high school graduation by connecting academic skills with a real-world need or problem.  

Students are able to select the topic for which they develop their project as well as the evidence they develop to demonstrate their growth in the project.  Evidence can range from art portfolios, computer programs, charity-run organization, blueprints, product development, conducting research, etc.  All allow a student to utilize their strengths, abilities, and interests.

Students at Auburn High School and Roosevelt Community Education Center participated in Capstone seminar pilots during the 2014 -2015 school year and will continue into the 2015-2016 school year on a greater scale. The Auburn High School Capstone seminar pilot will run throughout the 2015-2016 school year; Roosevelt Community Education Center's pilot will being during the second semester in January 2016 and continue throughout the remainder of the year. These pilots serve as learning opportunities to support the development of curriculum, materials, and a community support network.

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Services Needed from the Community:

Advisor/Mentors from the community are needed to serve as experts for idea development, revision, and refinement of the selected project. Advisors/mentors may assist students via online or in-person mentoring with one or all of the 4 components required of the Capstone project (proposal, research, evidence, presentation.)

Capstone mentors can follow a student through an entire project or one time only. For example, mentor may help a student with their presentation for their project; a mentor may be on a panel to evaluate proposals; a mentor may work with students over email; or a mentor may meet with a student at the school to work through project details. Mentors may volunteer as little or as often as often as desired.

  • Proposal: Mentors help students to identify, review, and approve a desired outcome of the student’s project.
  • Research: Mentors help students continue to conduct research and compile documentation relating to their chosen project.
  • Evidence: Mentors assist students in creating, or proposing, a solution to reach the desired outcome of the student project.
  • Presentation: Mentors assist students in their development of a presentation which shares the results of the project and the lessons learned.

Companies or individuals may work with students on their projects or ask students to complete a project that will benefit your business as well as serve as a capstone for students. 

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