Alignment Rockford A-Teams

The work of Alignment Rockford is organized and conducted by Alignment teams, or A-Teams. These specialized teams are led by community members and District 205 management who bring a diversity of expertise and a passion for public education. The teams are overseen by the Alignment Rockford board, their effort is guided by objectives, and their results are systematically evaluated. The process includes five phases:

1. Tactical Planning – In response to an unmet student need, the committee conducts research and creates a detailed plan to implement a pilot project that includes measures of effectiveness.
2. Community Engagement – Through an invitation to participate, community organizations are asked to join in the implementation of pilot programs.
3. Implementation and Evaluation – Communications between pilot program agencies and the committee ensures implementation fidelity and accountability. Effectiveness is regularly evaluated.
4. Scaling Up – Based on early success, the pilot is extended beyond the original scope.
5. Institutionalization – Once measured to be effective on a large scale, the program becomes integrated within the District 205 structure.


Academy Expo
Chair: Reid Jutras, RPS205
Co-Chair: Earl Wilsey, Schmeling Construction Co.

Healthy Starts
Chair: Kim Nelson, RPS205
Co-Chair: VACANT

Career Awareness
Chair: Kari Neri, RPS205
Co-Chair: Donnette Nailor, Regional Office of Education

Chair: VACANT, RPS205
Co-Chair: Bob Guirl, UTC Aerospace Systems (Retired)

College Readiness
Chair: Dr. Travis Woulfe, RPS205
Co-Chair: Chris Anderson, Larson & Darby
Assistant Co-Chair: Stephen Nelson, Larson & Darby

Team Work

Develop Solutions Surrounded by These Needs Identified by The Public Schools

Academy Expo:  design a quality career exploration event for freshman students

Healthy Starts:  equip families of children ages 0-5 with the tools needed to excel in school

Career Awareness:  create a K-12 system to increase student career awareness

Pathways:  increase student engagement, preparation and placement in post-secondary training and employment or education

College Readiness:  create an engaged school and community culture where all students expect to pursue higher education or professional training beyond high school graduation


Alignment Rockford: Building a System of Change

Alignment Rockford's strategy for success is built on the following elements.

Alignment Rockford envisions all students graduating from high school with marketable employment skills or enrolling in post-secondary education. They are eager to live, work, learn, create, and play in the Rockford Region as contributing adults.


Alignment Rockford's mission is to align community resources in support of public school strategies to raise student
achievement, improve the health and happiness of our children, and advance the economic and social well-being of our community.
Collective Impact
Collective impact is a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants.

Operational Principles

  • Enable children to succeed
  • Align with the school district's strategic priorities
  • Design solutions focusing on high-yield challenges
  • Solve complex problems
  • Work of serving public schools is generational

All Alignment teams form in response to a request made by RPS205. All teams are chaired by a school district administrator and vice chaired by a community leader. Each team follows the same process cycle, and each phase is comprised of multiple steps.

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