Zalihta Pegeese

Alignment Team Coordinator
Alignment Rockford


Bio and Professional Experience

I came from the Public Health Industry where I started in the Women Infants and Children Program and ended my career there in Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Program. During my time in Public Health, I developed a background in program coordination, facilitation, and partnership development

You’ve now been with Alignment Rockford for almost 2 months. What are some feelings or specific experiences that stood out to you right away about the organization, it’s partnership with Rockford Public Schools, or it’s volunteers?

Yes, it’s been almost two months since I’ve joined the Alignment Rockford Team. What has stood out to me the most since I’ve began, was the excitement around the partnership between AR and Rockford Public Schools. There is undeniable strength and solidarity between the organizations that filters down to the volunteers. I’ve never seen such a huge response of volunteers who are, not only willing, but equally excited to take time out of their busy days/weeks to support the tactical plans that have been established. It is proof of the great leadership within Alignment Rockford and RPS.  

What do you hope to bring to this new position within Alignment Rockford?  

I hope to bring my passion and dedication to see the Rockford Public Schools succeed and become a highly desired, first choice district for families. My children are products of RPS 205, so I want to contribute back to the schools what they provided for my children in hopes of helping the district rise to an even higher level of world class education for these current students following.

You recently helped coordinate the 2016 Academy Expo. What are some of your experiences from helping plan this event that might be surprising to our community?

Yes, I joined Alignment Rockford right in the middle of planning of the Expo and I am surprised at all the work that goes in to the planning. Every little detail goes unnoticed and everyone involved stepped up, took on their roles then to see it all come together was exciting. What was also great to see was the enthusiasm amongst the Industry Experts and their preparations and planning of their own in order to make the students’ experiences unforgettable.

What is the greatest take-away you perceived from being involved in planning this event?

My greatest take-away from being involved is how important partnerships are. Again, I give much credit and kudos to the Rockford Public School and Alignment Rockford leadership because those strong partnerships are developed through the compassion and dedication of the leaders. Without their consistency and skills in partnership development, the event would not be as successful and supported as it is.

What are some of the initiatives you are working on now and how can the community help? 

We have the Senior Capstone Project where we need consultants to provide workshops at key points throughout the year coinciding with the students' Capstone project timeline, or they could provide ongoing classroom support in collaboration with the Capstone teacher to determine a schedule of commitment to work with students in small groups. For more information on the Capstone Project, visit

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to encourage the community to get involved! The more involvement we have the more we can accomplish. For more information on the Capstone Project and other ways to get involved, visit